Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes for the PS3 and 360 review

Back in 2009, I did a back-to-back Batman special with one of the games being Batman Arkham Asylum, one of the best games of 2009. The other was Traveler Tale’s Lego Batman. While both games were great in their own way, Arkham Asylum was the better of the two. I mean, Traveler Tales has made some great games using the Lego license, but a lot of the games in the Lego series have been getting stale. It doesn’t matter which game you play, they all feel the same. It’s like the Madden and Call of Duty series, no matter what title you give the game in the series, it’s basically the same. It gets tiring after awhile. So, what chance does this recent Traveler Tales game have? Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes for the PS3, 360, 3DS, and PS Vita is today’s review. Offering more super heroes to play as, and having actual voice acting, how does this game stack up? Does it bring the Lego series new life or does it just fall short a couple bricks? Read on to find out. 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations for the PS3 and 360 review

I have slowly started to give respect to a Japanese video game developer called Cyber Connect 2. If you don’t know about this company, let me give you a quick rundown to talk about this fun little company. Founded in 1996, their first project was Tail Concerto, a quirky platforming action and cult favorite PS1 game that was hyped, but for some reason failed to get an audience. It is now one of the hardest PS1 games to find and I really want to get a copy of it. Their second game was known as Silent Bomber, an action game that I don’t really know much about. After that, they pretty much worked on the cult-followed .Hack RPG series that is based on a multi-media franchise known as, well, .Hack. There was a first series of .Hack games for the PS2 that ran for 5 games with generally positive reviews and some great music going with those games. They then made a sequel series called .Hack//GU that ran for 3 games for the PS2 with some generally positive reviews also, but not as much praise as the original series. However, this company is also known for making a huge slew of fighting games based off of the overrated anime series, Naruto. While the earlier games were pretty bad in my opinion, I grew to like the later games, but mostly Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 for being one of the best-licensed anime games out there. Simple-to-learn combat, a charming story that cuts the fat out of filler episodes, and the ability to hear the entire script said with the Japanese cast, which is pretty nice and I got into the story more with that option. Oh, it also had some really good graphics. They also made a sequel to Tail Concerto called Solatorobo, but we are here to talk about the most recent of the Naruto fighting games from this company. The game we are going to talk about today is Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations. Besides being a mouthful to say, it does do some good things like improve combat to be more fast-paced, more story lines added from the anime series like the story arc with fan favorite characters, Zabuza and Haku, and combine both the original Naruto series and the Shippuden series into one. Let’s see if this game is hiding behind any illusionary ninja tricks. 

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Lollipop Chainsaw for the PS3 and 360 review

Some people might not know whom I am about to talk about. I am going to talk about a very wonderful and passionate voice actress named Tara Strong. She is probably the best female voice actor of all time. She has such a charm and passion for what she does. Plus, she is EVERYWHERE in today’s entertainment media. She has been voice acting for years and she is just amazing at it. She has been in shows like Powerpuff Girls, Drawn Together, My Little Pony, Teen Titans, and many other shows that I could mention, but this opening paragraph would be 500 pages long. She has even done amazingly well in video games like Psychonaughts, Final Fantasy 10, Lost Odyssey, Blue Dragon, No More Heroes 2, Batman Arkham City, Ratchet and Clank Future Tools of Destruction, Eternal Sonata, and Asura’s Wrath. Man, if I could, I would marry her because I just love how talented she is! Well then, why am I talking about her you may ask? It is because she is the main voice actress and main hero of today’s review, Lollipop Chainsaw for the PS3 and 360.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Handheld Adventures Part 9: Dragon Quest 4 for the DS review

Before I start today’s review, I must fix a few screw-ups that I made during my Dragon Quest 8 review and in my Final Fantasy 13-2 review. I originally said that there was no revive spell, and you had to constantly go back to the churches to revive your fallen comrades. Well, that is not true. There are two revive spells, but the first one you get will only work half the time and it’s almost useless. I mean it isn’t totally useless, but it was more reliable to just go back to the church to revive them. Oh, and whoever had the idea of some of the bosses being able to attack twice in one turn needs to go to jail. In my Final Fantasy 13-2 review some people took note that I commented on Dragon Quest 7 being a poorly aged and terrible RPG. For the record, I was being a bit harsh since I wanted to try to be more cynical in my reviews since that is what people want to see. Dragon Quest 7 isn’t a terrible RPG, plus you really have to have the patience of a rock to get into it and it is rather tedious. Its only crime is that it hasn’t aged well. Now that I got that out of the way, let’s conveniently move to more Dragon Quest. The amazingly popular RPG franchise turned 25, and to celebrate, Japan is getting the Super Famicom revamps of the first three games and we also have a new Dragon Quest on the horizon for the Wii and Wii U. I think as of now, Dragon Quest is the better franchise of RPG’s from Japan than Final Fantasy since well, 13-2 is just average for me. Anyone who says it’s a super amazing game is probably lying and or in denial. I know everyone has his or her own opinion, but the majority of the community knows that the 13th entry into the used-to-be Fantasy RPG franchise is one of the weakest. Dragon Quest however, while having some minor bumps on the road to franchising, has not really had a bad game. The only complaint I could say is that the NES games and Dragon Quest 7 don’t age well. Let us now shift to today’s review, Dragon Quest 4: Chapters of the Chosen for the DS.