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Lost Kingdoms 2 for the Gamecube review

Have you ever gone to your favorite video game store, seen a game, and got curious wondering if it was good or not? That’s how I felt when I picked up the Lost Kingdom series. I wasn’t sure if it was good or not, but once I played them, they were pretty dang sweet! My favorite out of the two games has to be the second game in the series.

The second game takes place about 300 years from the events of the first game. You play as a young girl named Tara, who is traveling with a band of thieves across the land. She is trying to find her real self as she travels across the land at the same time it is being taken over by the Kendari’s, who are using an ancient monster to take over the land. It is up to Tara to save the land and bring peace to it.

The game play is the same as the last game, which is an action adventure role-playing game where battles happen in real time. There are a couple of differences, which make this game shine more. First off, they take out the random battle sequences and replace them with a style like Final Fantasy 12, where the monsters are everywhere. Next are new styles of cards, like transform cards, machine cards, and the ability to combine cards to make different combos, which come to be pretty useful in the long run. They also have a pretty decent voice cast, and they don’t overdo it like the voice actors for Sonic. Well, I should take that back because the Kendari King does sound silly. Tara is able to carry with her a deck of 32 monsters to use as attacks, or she can summon monsters to fight by her side, or summon them to do one of two strong attacks. Another big improvement is that the summon cards have two special attacks like the Sea Monk can either attack or restore cards to your deck, whichever you need to do. Now, I mentioned that you can make combos with certain cards and here is a helpful one. Use a Sea Monk and a Mind Flayer and you can get almost all of your discarded cards back into your deck.

The music is very amazing. It feels great during parts of the game, and eerie in the dark levels of the game. When fighting a boss battle, the music gets pretty intense, and it makes you feel like picking up a sword and attacking the monsters yourself. I would rather use a Ghost Armor card and attack them with it though. The graphics are pretty good for a Game Cube game and that’s saying something to other games like Cubivore, which had questionable graphics.

Now, everyone has their list of underrated games that some people will agree with and others won’t agree with. I think for games of today, Lost Kingdoms 2 is a horribly underrated classic on the Game Cube. The best part of the game is that it’s so unique on so many levels of awesomeness. The story is somewhat original, there’s an unusual twist that no one will see coming, the battle system is unique, and it’s just a flat-out awesome game!

Even though I love this game, I’m afraid there are a few things that didn’t age well in the game. For one, you can’t jump. I bet you guys are saying like “what the heck, you mean like the first Legend of Zelda game?” Well, yeah, the only way you can jump or fly is using a transform card and using one of the two abilities. The fixed camera angle could also use some work since you can’t control it. It sucks on how once the card is used, it goes away and you’re relying on either finding other cards or using recovery moves to revive your cards. When leveling up your character, your stats also depend on how much you use one certain deck and in later levels, you need to build up your experience points using that deck to enter a certain room and vice versa. It’s so tedious.

All and all, this is a rare gem for the Game Cube, which deserves more credit then it got. If you are looking for a great Game Cube game you got one!

This game gets an 8.7 out of 10.

Hot Wheels Turbo Racing for the Nintendo 64 review

Well, we all know licensed games usually suck as much as movie games, but with the right company, they can be smash hits. To further prove this example, I’ll list a few licensed games which rock, Duck Tales, Golden Eye, etc. The one I will talk about today is the awesome and extreme Hot Wheels Turbo Racing for the Nintendo 64.
Basically, you can choose from many Hot Wheel cars, and you race across crazy tracks, and well, finish first place every time. There isn’t really a story since this isn’t based off that cruddy 3D mini series, since this game was made in 1999.

The graphics are pretty amazing for Nintendo 64 standards, and I haven’t seen the Playstation version, so I can’t tell you all if it’s better or not, so, sorry. The racetracks are amazing well-made, and are fun to play on. They are stock full of hidden cars, and it’s just crazy. What makes this racing game unique is that you also get to pull off tricks in the air while going over chasms and such. This game is kind of like Mario Kart and Tony Hawk Pro Skater, combined into one, well, without the turtle shells and punk rock soundtracks.

Man, this game rocks. I mean it’s so fun to unlock all the crazy cars and tracks you win each time you race. My favorite car is the Twin Mill 1, which is the fastest car in the game! This is definitely a must-get for the Nintendo 64 or Playstation.

Even though this is a fun game, there is one little thing I have an issue with. When you’re racing, the camera can kind of spaz out when you are either falling down a hoop part of the track, or when you’re falling or going backwards. In the Nintendo 64 version, the music is limited and there aren’t any lyrics, which can be pretty annoying listening to the same thing every 2 minutes.

All and all, this is a pretty amazing game, and is definitely one of the better-licensed games out there. Like I said, this is a good example where a good game can be made from a licensed franchised. This is a must buy game if you’re into fun multi-player racing games like Hydro Thunder and such.

This game gets an 7 out of 10.

Power Rangers Super Legend for the Playstation 2 review

To my surprise, I can’t believe that Power Rangers have been around for a little over 15 years here in America. I used to watch this show, and used to love it. Then the company who owned the rights to the show got bought out by Disney, and well, it started to drop from there. Even if Power Rangers is not what is used to be, I will still have a place in my heart for the very first Power Ranger series. The other day I was watching a lot of videos of people who like the very first Power Rangers game for the Super Nintendo. I then decided to look on Gamefly, and I found a Power Rangers game that caught my interest, Power Rangers Super Legends. This game was to celebrate the 15 years that Power Rangers was on, so I decided to put it in my list and a day later I got it.

The plot of the game is that Lord Zedd has discovered time crystals and plans to use them to destroy the different Power Ranger Dimensions and become ruler of the universe. Thankfully, a future Ranger known as the Omega Ranger has tried to thwart Zedd’s plans, but has only slowed him down. Knowing what Zedd’s plans are, the Omega Ranger must go through the other dimensions and get a team of Power Rangers and stop Zedd’s evil plan.

The game play style is of a plat forming beat ‘em up. You go across huge levels, and beat down on the main bad guy’s grunts, that are in your way. Now, you get to play as two rangers; one will usually be a red ranger and the other will be a different colored ranger. This is a two-player game, which is pretty good since it’s more fun to play beat ‘em ups with a friend. The ranger you use also has a super attack, which depending on how full your power meter is, can kill everything on the screen.

The graphics are okay. I mean, they’re not that good, but they aren’t horrible. There isn’t a lot of music either, which kind of sucks, since it’s mostly quiet in the background until you’re in a boss fight or in a Megazord fight. After two levels or so, you get to fight the main villain of that dimension and fight in a contact sensitive battle. It’s not as amazing as God of War or Conker’s Bad Fur Day contact sensitive controls, but it’s more like Dance Dance Revolution style of fighting.
The only cool thing about this game is how it’s two-player, like I said above, which makes the game more enjoyable. It is cool to see your favorite Power Ranger series during the game and see old villains.

Now, it is time to strap on your latex suit and fight the bad parts of the game. The game play, even though fun, is very repetitious and can get quickly boring after a couple levels. The same goes with the Megazord battles, which are also boring and not that fun. The Power Rangers aren’t that different either, since they all use the same moves and guns. The only difference is the battle stance they use in the super moves. Since we’re talking about the super moves, there is no Zord summoning or anything. It’s just the ranger posing sending out a shockwave. For a game that is celebrating 15 years of Rangers, you can’t play as every single team of rangers, which is odd, since I thought it would be fun to play as the Power Rangers from all 15 series. The voice acting is horrible I mean, they could at least have gotten the same people who played the rangers to do the voice acting. My friend and I were playing this game, and we laughed our butts off, because the acting and the script were so cheesy and stupid. Then again, what can you expect of a game made by Disney Interactive Studios? Well, not much. The animated sequences between the levels don’t exist either. I think they could have taken more time with this game and made it 100%. It feels like it’s only 25% finished, since you can’t play with every Power Ranger team.

Over all, it’s an average to bad game. I only rented it because I was curious, and I wanted to play as the very first red ranger. I would really just rent it to see what you think about it. Other than that, I wouldn’t buy it for your kids or for yourself. If you want to play a good Power Ranger’s game, go get a Super Nintendo and get the cartridge for it.

This game gets a 5.3 out of 10

Shadow of the Colossus for the Playstation 2 review

Adventure games, they are some of the best games the world have to offer. They are huge, long, and full of fun and interesting twists to keep you playing. Legend of Zelda is a very good example of this, since this is the series that got it off to the point that it has perfected the formula of the adventure genre. If you are wondering what the adventure formula is, well this is what it is. You go out into the vast world and beat down the darkness to save the land from the evil warlord or whatever. Then, from time to time, a game comes out and just breaks the formula, and then turns it into its new unique formula, which could be a hit or a miss for the game. The game that I will be talking about today is loved from all around the Playstation world, Shadow of the Colossus. Now, this is one of those games that you might have heard about, but never knew enough about. It was one of those games you see on the shelf of a store and get interested in.

Before I start talking about this wonderful game, I just want to thank one of my friends for introducing me to this game and showing me how different it was from other adventure games a few years back. I will also point out that I will show some spoilers, but I have a reason for showing them.

The story of the game might not seem that different from other adventure game plots, but it’s surprisingly better than a lot of games, even by today’s standards. A young man called Wander (yeah, that’s a, um, creative name) is traveling across a vast land on his loyal Horse Agro, who is carrying his dead love Mono, who was sacrificed because she had a cursed destiny. Wander is traveling across the forbidden land to find a temple that has rumors that the god there can grant any wish in the world. He finally makes it to the temple, and places his dead love onto the table. The god then appears in the form of an ancient mask and calls himself Dorim. The unknown god says he can bring her back to life, but you would have to do something for him in return. Dorim asks you to go through the forbidden land and kill 16 colossi. Wander then gets on his horse Agro, and sets off to kill the 16 colossi, and bring his loved one back from the dead.

The game play is in the form of an adventure game, of course, but this is very unique amongst the adventure genre since it is so offbeat. Let me explain what I mean by that in this paragraph. In a typical adventure game, you know who is good and who is bad, but in Shadow of the Colossus, Wander is just a normal human. He isn’t some famous warrior from some famous clan or something like that. Dorim is also like that. I mean, you don’t hear anything bad about him until the very end of the game.

Basically, what you do in the game is get on Agro and ride across this very huge forbidden land and find each of the colossi hidden in the land, and kill it by striking two or more glowing symbols on the colossus body. Since I’m here talking about the colossus, I think I will talk about the in-game battles. The Colossi are, of course, giant creatures, except for two of them, which are about buffalo-size in height. They would usually walk around, and not really notice you unless you shot arrows at it or whistled at it. All colossi are different from ones that you have to get on while flying or walking to make one run into a wall and knock it out. Even if some might look the same, they are unique and will take different tactics to take them down.

Everything in this game is just amazingly well made. The colossi are beautifully detailed to the point to it being one of the best-looking games ever created. The detail on the landscape and the characters catches your eye to where you just stop and look around to see the little bits to detail put into the wall or in the fur of the colossi. Even the blood on the giants looks amazing when you stab them in the symbol. The unique aspect about the animals and the colossi are that they react just, well, unique. Agro acts like an actual real-life horse, and the colossi act just like normal animals and they won’t bother you unless you push it.
The music is maybe the best of the PS2. Everything is just wonderful to listen to, and I am willing to say go and buy the freaking soundtrack already! The music is beautifully orchestrated and stands up to music like the Legend of Zelda series. The music was made by Kō Ōtani. who is famous for doing music for stuff like Gamera series, the anime series Your Under Arrest, Outlaw Star, and one of the Godzilla movies.

Now, it’s time to pick up the pieces and find the bad parts. This game is vastly different from adventure games since all you do is kill colossi. That means you don’t go into dungeons, fight grunts and find multiple items. It’s so unconvintional that a lot of people might get turned off by it. I mean, it’s not a game you can sit down and play in a whole sitting. It took me awhile to get through all of the colossi. Some people might not be able to be patient enough to find out that Wander is actually working for an evil god, and the Colossi are actually the lands guardians. The reason why I spoiled it was because I actually think some people might not be able to play through the whole game. Since this was made by the people who made ICO, which is for another day, it is also unconvitional in the way it was made, to where people couldn’t finish it either.

All in all, this is a hallmark on the PS2. I would say this is the second best game on the PS2, next to Final Fantasy 10, Metal gear Solid 3, and God of War 2. I say, go out and find yourself a copy of this game and add it to your collection. It does take a lot of patience to get through this wonderful game. I just can’t wait for this team’s next game, The Last Guardian.

This game gets a 9.8 out of 10.

Rygar The Legendary Adventure for the Playstation 2 Review

Devil May Cry was amazing when it came out. It revolutionized the action genre, and brought forth multiple themes that would be brought into later action games like God of War, like multiple weapons, unique bosses and great game play. There are usually other games that try to copy Devil May Cry and God of War, like Ghost Rider, Hellboy the Science of Evil, and etc. The clone I will talk about is Rygar the Legendary Adventure for the Playstation 2.

Before I start, let me just say that this is actually a sequel to the arcade game with the same name. It was ported to the NES, but it wasn’t received very well for its unforgiving difficulty and no save point nor password system. I have to say that doesn’t sound fun. At least there were codes for stuff like Battle Toads and Ghost and Goblins, which are considered to be the hardest games of all time. So, is this game worth picking up? Or is it just another bargain bin pick up?

The story starts off in a Mediterranean island called Argus, where the Princess Harmonia was about to give a ceremony to the victorious navy army, which includes our hero Rygar. Right before she starts, the Titans decide to ruin the occasion and kidnap Harmonia. It is now up to Rygar, with the help of his weapon the Diskarmor, to defeat the evil that has taken over the land. The weird thing is that the titans are actually not like Atlas or Neptune. The villains are as listed, Icarus who for some reason has blue skin and can wield two swords, Echidna who is actually queen Cleopatra, and the only real titan in the game Cronus.

Rygar’s game play is in the form of an action adventure game in the form of games like God of War, Devil May Cry, Conan, and Heavenly Sword. Your main form of attacking is the Diskarmor that’s attached to your right arm. It also acts as your shield and way of transportation across gaps and up high areas. I have to say, this is one of the most awesome weapons I have ever seen. Its like Krato’s Blades of Athena and a yo-yo had a baby. Basically, you go around beating up monsters and solving puzzles. The enemy selection is rather odd since they include evil Battra Larva from the Godzilla movies, the lizard men from the Black Lagoon, and flying spirit things. You do a lot more puzzle-solving and getting around in the game, but it makes up in finding the two other Diskarmors, which are different and unique in their own ways. Another added effect to the Diskarmor’s abilities is that each weapon has a single creature you can summon to cause some damage to the enemies or the boss. It kind of reminds me of Lost Kingdoms in a way. One of my favorite things about your weapon though is that you can upgrade it like in Devil May Cry or God of War, with special orbs that can give you different abilities. A fun but limited thing about your weapon is that you can use it like a pulley, and ride down wires to lower platforms. The bosses in the game look awesome. They just look unique and different than how they would usually look.

Alrighty then, I have said everything that is good about the game, but what about the bad parts? Let’s dig in then. The biggest complaint I have on this game is the fixed camera angles. It’s awkward to navigate through the levels, and it’s clumsy when you’re fighting hoards of evil Battra larva. The difficulty is just bananas. I mean, it isn’t the hardest game out there, but it’s just puzzling to me. For example, the game starts you out on normal difficulty, and when you die once or twice, it asks you if you want to go to the easy setting. What kind of game does that?! It’s like a jerk move, that the game is saying, “ hey, sorry for starting you out on the hard difficulty. Do you want me to set you on the easy setting?” There are no other enemies in the game besides the ones I listed above. There are different variations of them, but they aren’t that much different. The voice acting is just awful. I mean, I have heard bad voice acting before, but the only one that I feel did a good job was Icarus, and that’s kind of sad. You can’t save during boss fights, meaning if you’re at the end of the game, fighting against the final boss fight, and you lose, you have to restart all the way back at the last time you saved.

All in all, this is a hit or miss game. It has its good points, but it also has its share of bad points too. Over all, of the PS2 games, this is still one of the better ones. At least it’s better then Batman Dark Tomorrow and Sonic the Hedgehog for the PS3 and the Xbox360. I would probably make this game a rent than buy, unless you like to collect action-adventure games.

This game gets an honest 6.2 out of 10.

Conan for the Playstation 3 and Xbox360 Review

Comic book games in the beginning were pretty good if they were made by the right company like Capcom, which made great licensed Disney games and great comic book games like the Punisher beat ‘em up video game, and their famous Marvel V.S Capcom series, or like Konami’s infamous TMNT: Turtles in Time Super Nintendo game. Nowadays, they don’t really seem to hold up unless you think they do. This time I’ll review Conan for the Playstation 3 and Xbox360. Does this barbarian hold a bloody axe to the light or does it fade in the dust?

The plot of Conan takes place in the old times of lord of the rings in some way, but without the Hobbits, and a ring fetish midget. Conan, being the man that he is known to be, is on another adventure, this time for treasure. When he finds the treasure, he accidentally unlocks an evil wizard who knocks out Conan and takes his armor and dumps his body in the ocean. Conan needs to get his armor back and take down an evil wizard.

Now, let’s talk about the game play first. It’s in the form of a God of War or the new X-Men Origin’s style game play, where you beat the heck out of everyone and everything in your sight. Like X-Men Origins or Hellboy: The Science of Evil, the combat is more on the line of close combat and not as much long range combat that can be used in God of War. Another addition to fighting, is wielding the ability to use wrestling-like moves, like the infamous pile driver and body slams. A good thing about the combat is the ability to wield a total of 3 weapons if you have two smaller weapons, or two weapons if you’re wielding a 2-handed sword or spear. The boss fights have to be my favorite part of an adventure game since they’re usually giant, and fun to fight. My favorite has to be the barbarian stereotype, the giant squid. The levels are long, but they don’t get boring, since they hand you a different puzzle every level, which gives the player a new problem to solve.
A bright light to the game is a pretty good voice cast and witty dialogue with Ron Pearlman doing the voice of Conan, who is also famous for portraying Hellboy. The music is just amazing. I mean, it’s so pleasant to listen to, and you actually feel like you’re in that time of barbarians and magic. No wonder, because it was the same person who composed the God of War series that came in and was hired by THQ to do the soundtrack for the game. I kind of wish they had made a CD for it, so I could put it on my mp3 player.

Now, get your favorite beating weapon and let’s conquer the bad parts of the game. There is a reason I haven’t talked about the graphics for the game. The reason why I haven’t is that they aren’t that great. It looks like a polished up Playstation 2 game instead of a Playstation 3 game. My guess is that they were making it for the Playstation 2, but then the Playstation 3 came out and they thought it would do better on the new console. The enemies in the game are pretty stupid compared to the enemies in God of War or Hellboy the Science of Evil. Sometimes, they just stand there unless you get close enough to them. I have even recharged my magic and health, and the enemies have stayed in one corner of the room. The levels can get repetitious since they do mostly beat down enemies and solve puzzles. The story seems well… pretty bland even for Conan. Now, in no way am I saying it’s a bad story. It just seems like it’s been done over and over. It’s not complex, but it won’t make you bored.

All and all, it keeps the candle of Conan lit, but they could have worked on it a little more. If they could have just taken more time with it like Nintendo does with its Zelda games, it would have been a must buy for both consoles. What I am saying is that you should rent it to see what you think.

This game gets a 7 out of 10.

HandHeld Adventures Part 2: Wario Land 2

Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3 was a huge success when it was released for the Gameboy. Who knew till this day that Wario would have some of the most popular side-scrolling games of all time? In my opinion, this series of side-scrollers can be on par with other games like Megaman, Duck Tales, and Super Mario. This time, I will be talking about the popular second game in the Wario Land series, Wario Land 2.

This time around, Wario is asleep in his huge castle that he got in the last game. Sadly, this break must end, since Captain Syrup is back again with her pirate crew to get more treasure. Though this time, she decided to steal from Wario himself. They go inside his castle and start causing mischief, and it’s up to Wario to get back his gold and beat down on Captain Syrup.

This time, it’s more of a side-scrolling adventure game, where your goal is to go from point A to point B, though the levels are set up like Duck Tales or Little Nemo, the Dream Master. Here the levels have multiple doorways to find more coins, or have the ability to play a mini-game to get a piece of treasure. Wario has a totally different style, from the 2.5D look on the last game to a flat side view. He isn’t as detailed as he was in the last game but it’s just a small gripe, and not worth putting in the bad parts of the review. This time around, Wario still has his shoulder ram attack and he can still pick up enemies. He still has power-ups, but they aren’t in the form of caps. The power-ups this time around are more status related, since some enemies have attacks, where if they hit you with that attack, you can use that said ability to get through certain areas of the game. For example, you can be squished as flat as a pancake to get through thin areas. The other abilities include Wario catching on fire to get through firebricks, Wario getting tipsy, and many more.

The graphics of the game are pretty good for Gameboy standards, but I prefer the ones from the first game. Since the first game was designed off of Super Mario Land 2, I can’t really complain about them changing up the look. The enemies from the last game are still around, but there are also new enemies like the status ailment enemies, which give Wario different abilities. The boss fights are pretty creative and fit the whole Wario style with silly anime-esque cartoon expressions, and just a fun look overall. The best feature by far is that Wario can’t die. He can collect coins and use them as his health, and each time he collects, he adds it to his health, and each time he gets hit, he loses just a few coins. It’s not like Sonic, where if he gets hit once, he loses all his rings.

Though this can be a fun game, let’s now move onto the bad parts of the game. There isn’t much so this paragraph is going to be a little shorter then other reviews. The music in this game isn’t as great as in the last game. I mean, at least there is music, but it just doesn’t seem to fit Wario. The boss fights can be a little unforgiving, since if you mess up, you are sent to a different part of the level, and will be forced to restart the whole boss fight. When you miss a treasure in the level, you can’t go back to that level and you would have to beat the whole game and do it again just to get back to the area where the treasure is.

All in all, Wario Land 2 is a pretty good game. I would highly recommend it to anyone who has Gameboy, Gameboy Advance, or Nintendo DS. Even though he is just an evil version of Mario, Wario will still have a place in my heart as one of my favorite video game characters of all time. Hopefully, I can find the third Wario land game and play that one.

This game gets a 9 out of 10.

Handheld Adventures Part 1: Wario Land Super Mario Land 3

Wario has been around for quite some time, and you have to give him credit. He has had some pretty amazing games since his departure as the villain from Super Mario Land 2 as the villain. One of the best-known ways to find Wario is on his own plat forming franchise, Wario Land. This review will be for one of the Wario games I got recently, and was Wario’s first ever solo game, Wario Land Super Mario Land 3.
The plot of this game is that an evil pirate named Captain Syrup and her pirate gang has stolen a huge statue of Princess Peach made of pure gold. This caught Wario’s attention and he sets out to find the statue first from Captain Syrup. Now, this is where the series becomes more innovative with side-scrolling plat formers, like Kirby and Super Mario. Instead of saving a princess or beating an evil king, you have to collect as much money as possible throughout the whole game to get the best ending. Still, by no means is Wario Land a boring game. Wario happens to have one of the best side-scrolling franchises ever made. I even named his series of games one of the best franchises ever on my top 10 franchises list.

The game play is where the Wario series shines. Unlike Mario, who can only jump on enemies or shoot fireballs at them, Wario has a multitude of ways to give his enemies a smack down. The first thing to start off the list is Wario’s trademark shoulder- ramming attack. He can run into enemies by pressing B, sending them flying across the world. The next things I’ll add to his list of handy attacks are his special caps he can get throughout the game. These act as Wario’s power-ups, like Mario and his mushroom and fire flower. Wario can wear a bull hat where he has more strength, dragon cap where he gets to shoot flames, and a jet cap where he can go super fast with a better ramming attack and can fly over small distances. This adds to the strange world of Wario, since I think Wario himself is rather odd. The names of the stages in this game have pretty silly names like Rice Beach and Mt. Teapot, which I just love in a game.

The graphics are pretty good for Gameboy standards, so there isn’t much to comment on. I will say that Wario looks a little squatty, but I think that is because of the screen size and cartridge limitations. The music is pretty fun to listen to, and it totally fits Wario’s personality. The music for Wario’s games has always had some kind of odd or crazy beat to it, which fits whichever level you are on.

Now, lets put on our dragon caps and blow fire at the bad parts. The first thing I can say is old school or new school gamers who like side scrollers will have to get used to the way the Wario Land series has been set up, since it’s not as much of a straight path as the other games like Contra or Super Mario Brothers. This game can be pretty tricky and difficult at times, like some enemies can kill you with one hit, and you only get two strikes if you have on a hat of some sort. I am proud to have this in my collection of Gameboy games, and I highly recommend buying it along with the other Wario Land games.

All and all, this is a really good game. Who knew that Wario would be such a success story? I didn’t really see it at first, but then, when I found out how good the games were, I was shocked. At least he’s been going strong, unlike Sonic or Rayman.

This game gets a 9 out of 10.

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