Wednesday, February 29, 2012

DLC Domination Part 8: NFL Blitz 2012

To me, being a reviewer can be troublesome. You generally want to stick with games you specialize in and review games that are mostly easy to approach to the modern gamer. I usually want to review stuff like action games, platformers, and RPG’s, since I think those are easier to approach. I have however, been very biased toward a couple of genres like shooters and sport centric games, and this year I want to change all that. Like I said in my WWE All Stars review, I don’t hate them, but they come out in hordes year after year and it’s just really hard to find the gems among them. You can of course go with the always solid (depending on who you ask) Call of Duties and Battlefields if you want to find a shooter worth your time, but sport-centric games are a little tougher to sift through. The sports genre usually comes out every year, like Guitar Hero did, with just some minor tweaks and update player rosters. Not that seeing what we can do with technology and how realistic we can make everything isn’t amazing because it is, but they usually get shoved to the side and are the most common games you can find at any used game store. They usually take up an entire shelf and are probably sent to shooting ranges to replace clay pigeons. There are some truly great sports games, but they are usually because they add some zany over-the-top and flashy elements to them. Some of my favorites are the Mario Kart series for racing, Mario Tennis for tennis games, and for football, you can probably pick up Mutant League Football for the Genesis for cheap nowadays. What made games like Mutant League Football so fun was that it played like a sports game, but you could do stuff like beat the tar out of the opponent and if you didn’t like the ref, you could just waste him also. Or there is the ever so fan favorite, Tecmo Super Bowl that people still consider to be one of the greatest sports games of all time. Even Midway, before they got canned, in the past few years came out with the fan favorite and over-the-top NFL Blitz and NBA Jam series that were more arcade in style and were really fun. The series then had a bit of a downfall when Midway had some issues and weren’t in their stride. They weren’t the big and strong athletes that they ha been, and had become more like the awkward drunk person at the party. EA, being the football license gunners they are, took the NLF license and have in the past year or so tried to bring back the two sports series to their prime. This is where today’s review comes in, NLF Blitz 2012. Since I already made this opening paragraph longer than I should have, let’s get started with no witty remark or stupid pun. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Xbox360 Back Track Part 2: Fable 3 for the 360

Hey, everyone, and welcome back to the 360 Back Track! I have noticed while looking at that the 360 is kind of losing exclusive games for its console. It’s like Halo will be the last thing Microsoft has going for it. Gears of War has ended with the third game and well, you can’t just rely on the download market or Japanese shoot em’ ups to drive your sales anymore. This is turning into the Turbo Grafx for pete’s sake, literally, since it’s a console mostly known for its quality shooters like Halo, Gears of War, Deathsmiles, and you get the idea. It also doesn’t help that it basically has no good RPG franchise going for it. It does have its quality RPG titles like Lost Odyssey, Blue Dragon, and Tales of Vespira. You could say “Oh Cam, what about the Fable franchise?” Well, you could say that, but you would be wrong, the Fable games are not the best games on the 360. In fact, to prove this point, I’m going to review today the recent game in the franchise and what is considered the second worst game in the series called Fable 3! I can’t believe what some sites are giving this game like an 8 out of 10 and 9 out of 10. In my opinion, that is way off the mark since this game is one of the worst and messiest games I have ever played. It isn’t the worst game on the 360 since it does have its moments, but it’s a really bad game. 

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

DLC Domination Part 7: Renegade Ops for PS3 and 360

Welcome back to another DLC Domination. Who here has seen the awesome film The Expendables? You know, the 2010 film with all the big action stars of yesteryear and of modern day with Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Jet Li, and cameos from Arnold and Bruce Willis? Well, if you haven’t, you need to buy it! It is this generation’s Commando, it’s this generation’s man sandwich of pure man energy! It’s an enjoyable film and I think you can find it cheap now so there is no excuse if you haven’t seen it. The whole film seems like it would set itself up well to be made into a video game since it can be over the top, a lot of goons to shoot down, and explosions everywhere! We kind of get that film-to-game adaptation with the game called Renegade Ops. While it might not be the hottest 360 or PSN downloadable game out there, it is just pure high-octane action. You get explosions, you get multiple vehicles to pilot and shoot stuff in, and you get an incredibly stupid and clich├ęd story line. It is more like an arcade game or an NES game like Jackal, so if you are into those kinds of games, then I say download it right now if you’ve got the points. Does this game have its faults? Well, you will have to read and find out.