Wednesday, August 31, 2011

200th RPG Review Special part 6: Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete for the PS1 review

Welcome to the 200th review and the final part of the Game Arts Tribute. I knew that I wanted the 200th review was going to be special, and  I wanted it to be a very special review for an RPG that I found to just be one of my favorites. It is also one of the games made by the recently passed co-founder of Game Arts. The sad thing about this RPG is that it only had a direct sequel, a spin-off title only for Japan for the Sega Saturn, and a very very terrible DS game. This game didn’t get the kind of respect that the Final Fantasy series received here in America. Due to this fact, these games are very hard to find and are almost near triple digits in price. Lucky for me, I got my hands on one of these games in the mid-double digits in price, and it’s a game that has aged pretty well. This game is called Lunar: Silver Star Story. Now, the original game came out in the U.S.A on the Sega CD with generally favorable praise, but the one I am reviewing is the Playstation update with animated cut scenes, redone voice acting, updated music, and just an overall charm that a lot of RPGs have lost in today’s gaming. It’s one of the hardest RPG’s to find, but it is one of the best old-time RPG’s that you could play. Let us begin this very special 200th review of Lunar: Silver Star Story.

Monday, August 22, 2011

199th RPG Review Special part 5: Grandia for the PS1 review

Welcome to a very special review for the 199th and 200th game. On June 29th 2011, one of the founders of the wonderful developing company known as Game Arts passed away at the age of 45. This wonderful man is named Takeshi Miyaji. He is a man who was behind many classic games like Grandia and Lunar Silver Star Story. These are two of my favorite games of all time and in my top 10 favorite RPGs of all time. These last two reviews will be a tribute to not only Game Arts, but to Mr. Takeshi Miyaji and the hard working people behind these two games. Let’s start with the wonderful and much loved, Grandia for the PS1. The classic RPG was originally released on the Sega Saturn in Japan and was brought here to America for the Playstation 1, and is now downloadable on the Playstation Network store. It is a wonderfully lighthearted RPG that stands the test of time. This results in Grandia being one of the most memorable and one of the best RPGs of all time. Let us begin my 199th review of Game Art’s classic, Grandia. 

Thursday, August 4, 2011

198th RPG Review Special part 4: Paper Mario for the N64 review

Super Mario RPG Legend of the Seven Stars. What could I possibly say about this Super Nintendo game that hasn’t already been said? Granted, I do want to review it, but I’ll just give a short summary here. The gameplay is fun, the characters are memorable, the story isn’t too complex, and the music is great. It was one of Square’s last things they did with Nintendo until the Gamecube and Gameboy Advance came around. It’s one of the best Super Nintendo games, and one of my favorite Mario games. Sadly, they didn’t make a sequel to it due to its limited release all around the world and other reasons I don’t want to get into. However, I do want to get into an RPG that stars Mario that sadly, no one really talks about. It’s a great game, but no one really seems to talk or give it as much praise as Super Mario RPG. It isn’t an underrated gem since it did do well in the gaming market, but I don’t think it gets as much love as it needs to. Let’s dive right into one of the best and one of the ONLY RPGS on the Nintendo 64, Paper Mario. I decided to do this game some justice. Not only did it get a lot of the votes, but also the new Paper Mario 3DS is coming out, which I am excited for. It is one of the Nintendo 64’s greatest games and one of my favorite RPGs. Let’s get started then on this wonderful N64 game.