Sunday, March 15, 2009

revamping some reviews and lists.

I'll be taking down some lists and reviews and type them up again with new paragraphs and games for the top 10 list. So expect some games that you would of already seen come up later this year or so.

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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Rampage World Tour for the Nintendo 64 Review

Now, this is a fun and simple classic on the Nintendo 64. Rampage was the definition of mindless stupid fun. Basically, the plot is that three people have been turned into three monsters, and the monsters’ plans are to destroy every factory owned by the company who turned you into monsters.

This is an odd game since it’s a mix between a beat em’ up and an arcade game, where you choose to play as either three of the monsters as you go around and destroy buildings and eat people as healthy snacks. This time, each of the three monsters have a special food that will almost heal your character. There are also special moves like fire spits and monster screams where you can destroy whole buildings with one press of the button. You can also climb on top of the buildings to destroy them. Now, we can talk about the enemy selection. Basically, it’s the military who is trying to stop you from destroying the whole world, and they will send everything from soldiers to giant robots to stop you in your path.

The graphics are pretty interesting since they fit in with games like Goemon’s Great Adventure and Yoshi’s Story to where its 2.5D and not fully 3D like the games today. The music is very epic from level to level, making it feel like a real monster mash. Sorry, I just had to put that down.

There are a couple problems with this game that I must list out. One thing is that you have no defensive move besides eating or beating your opponent down, which can get annoying as hell if you’re getting attacked all around. The music is nice for the game, but sadly, there are only a few tracks and it gets boring after awhile. During the game, the only way you can get across the world is to either hit a flag or a world tour sign, and you will be going off to the next continent to beat down on more military soldiers and to eat more delicious humans.

All and all, it’s a pretty good game. It’s mindless and simple fun. You can play along with two other people and you could play for hours. If you can find it somewhere, I would recommend getting it.

This game gets an 8 out of 10.

Gungrave for the Playstation 2 Review

The Playstation 2. You have to give it some respect since it’s still kicking out games further then any other last gen console. There have also been a lot of overlooked games and this is one of them. The story is of an awesome character known as Gungrave who is tracking down a crime boss to get his long-overdue revenge with and save the world.

Now, let’s start out with the character himself, Gungrave. He’s a walking corpse filled with enraged blood, and a helpful, but limited arsenal to take down a whole crime organization. He carries with him two pistols and a huge coffin-like weapon that turns out to be a rocket launcher that takes out everything on the entire screen which is pretty strong. After shooting at everything for a while, Gungrave will go off and move like he was dancing, while shooting his guns and rockets at the enemy in an anime-esque style. Also, the whole game was designed by the guy who made the famous anime, Trigun, which is pretty awesome in itself.

The game play is in the style of a 3D third person shoot ‘em up, where you control the hulking Gungrave across multiple long levels, taking out goons and anyone who is in your way. The giant coffin on your back can also be a weapon you can hurl around you when you run out of ammo. You don’t have to worry about finding ammo or anything, since the handguns have unlimited ammo! You also don’t have to worry about lives since the red life bar on the top right represents the life remaining inside you and a blue shield bar under the life also protects you.
The music in the game sounds like something you would hear in Cowboy BeBop or Trigun, which gives it a jazzy cool mood. The boss fights are huge and are pretty hard if you aren’t careful. Yeah, this game can be pretty tough so you don’t want to be a coward if you want to play this game.

Now, it’s time to take out our long-barreled revolvers and shoot down the bad parts of the game. First, let’s start with the length. It’s too short! Seriously, I beat this game in 5 hours or less, I can’t remember. What I am trying to say is that it needs to be longer. The difficulty levels don’t really make a difference. I mean, I beat them all in about a couple of hours, and the only difference I noticed is that the enemies can take more damage, and hurt you only a little more then the last time. As Gungrave, you move pretty slow and you can run by pressing the circle button, but it doesn’t make a difference

Overall, this game deserves more credit then it got. I love this game, but I would recommend renting it before buying, to see what you think about it. All in all, this game deserves a big cult following. I mean, not as big as Mario and Zelda, but still a good one.

This game gets a 7.8 out of 10
Rated M for Mature.

Cubivore for the Game Cube Review

Now this is maybe the oddest game ever! Cubivore for the GameCube is the story about a very colorful, and very umm-cubic world where a group of evil beast called the no color beast have taken over and devoured the other animals and it is your job to grow and eat the other no color beast and become the ultimate cubivore.

The game play is of an action adventure game with a tiny mix of role-playing as you venture around the land as you devour other cubivores to grow stronger and mutate into different forms to fight other stronger cubivores and no color beast. You gain different abilities, as you grow stronger. An example of this is when you fight a no color beast with “raw meat” on him, you have to beat and eat him to gain that ability. You can also gain fangs and horns through training and evolving. An interesting way to recover your health is to eat herbivores (green cubivores) to gain back health. A funny but serious part of Cubivore is that you eat heart shaped tiles and bugs to gain hearts to mate with multiple cubivore females at once (its not as gross or adult rated as you would think). Each time you mate with a certain amount of females which depends on how many hearts you have, the females will give birth to multiple different limbed forms of yourself and you can choose any of the forms that survive and become another cubivore, but with an extra limb.

The graphics are rather odd since it looks like they should be on a Nintendo 64 since the graphics are just cubes and square tiles. The music is rather soft and soothing since it feels like you’re listening to some rainforest cds or what ever. The game itself is rather cute in its own way and is maybe one of the cutest games ever. The way you kill your enemies is that you lock onto them and fight and charge at them to damage them. Like a way its like you’re an actual animal.

Now there are some issues I have with this game. The first thing I’ll note is that the camera is awkward to use and isn’t like the one in Super Mario Galaxy which is far superior. Another thing is that the tougher enemies can escape easier out of your bite, but its harder for you to get out when they have you in their mouth. The first time I played this game I didn’t know it had multiple endings and I was shocked and confused when I found out. It would have been nice if I had a heads up or something.The last issue I have with this game is that when you don’t feel like fighting, the other cubivores and no colored beast attack you anyways.

All in all it’s a pretty fun game. I would recommend finding this one to give it a try. I would put this as one of the better Gamecube games, but not the best. All I’m saying is give this game a try if you see it. It’s fun, cute, and it’s one of the oddest games out there.

This game gets a 7.5 out of 10.

Assasin's Creed for the Playstation 3 Review

2007 was an amazing year for games, but how many triple-A titles were out there that were not shooters? I mean, we had a lot. It kind of bugged me since I am not a big fan of shooters and yet we have so many of them. That mold was finally broken with Ubisoft new game, Assassin’s Creed. At first, I didn’t want to play it due to it being a stealth game. I was more on the line of charging headfirst with a powerful weapon like in God of War or Conan. I respected the popularity of games like Metal Gear Solid, but I wasn’t a big fan of stealth due to the tediousness of Wind Waker’s Stealth section. However, I have finally decided to play this game and review it, so let’s dive in the creed of Assassin’s Creed.

The main story of Assassin’s Creed revolves around a young man named Desmond Miles, voiced by Nolan North. He ends up in a laboratory led by Warren Vidic and his female assistant and fellow doctor, Lucy Stillman. They both work for a company known as Abstergo Industries. They use Desmond as a subject for the machine called Animus. The Animus can find different ancestors of a specific person and use it on Desmond Miles who has Assassin ancestors in his history. The story then switches to famous Assassin Alta├»r ibn-La'Ahad, who is the part of the Creed. One day, after pissing off the Templars and evading an attack from them, he is stripped of his rank and weapons, and is at the bottom of the ranks. He must regain his honor and weapons by killing 9 different leaders and gaining back his ranks of the brotherhood. Now, there is a pretty good twist, but I know people probably know about it as of now since it’s been a while since this game has come out. It’s definitely worth it for all of the tedious missions you are given.

The game play in Assassin’s Creed is more on the line of action, adventure, and stealth. You go around through a huge map, either by foot to get some good exercise or ride a horse. You later get the ability to warp there, which helps since this map is pretty big even if there are not a lot of locations.  At the beginning, all you have is your handy wrist blade, which is probably one of the best weapons of all time. Throughout the game, you get a short blade or what seems to be a large knife, a sword, and throwing knives which all come in handy to take down groups of enemies and assassination targets. During each mission, you can take on multiple side missions, from getting flags for some reason, to killing informants and pickpocketing people for information on your mission. After each mission, you get one of your weapons back or an upgrade to your arsenal, like more throwing knives. However, you do want to basically go Metal Gear Solid on killing the main target or the guards since it would get you through the mission easier. If you do anything like kill a begging poor person or get caught or found suspicious, you have to run and hide, or else guards and soldiers will chase you. It gets hectic since you have to hide or kill the guards, but it’s more recommended that you find a hiding place like a roof garden or hide between some monks. It’s interesting because one of the ways you can hide is by sitting on a bench with two other people. How does that make any sense? Oh well, I’ll talk about it in the bad parts of this review. The only other thing I have to say about running from the guards is that later in the game, some guards will be able to follow you wherever you go. The best part of the gameplay is that you can basically climb and run and jump on any building in the game. This helps, since you need to find viewpoint areas that expand your map of the city, and give you more viewpoint areas and more side missions.

The graphics in the game are pretty good even by today’s standards when we have games like Batman Arkham Asylum, Killzone 2, Uncharted 2, and God of War 3 coming out. It’s amazing to see how many people are walking around in real time. The scope of the city is amazing. You just get a sense of awe when you stand on a viewpoint area and see the expansive city with some minor detail flaws, but it’s just gorgeous. I also like how you have to chase some of your targets. It’s fun since when I was chasing after one guy, I kind of felt like a super hero like the Spirit or Batman chasing after the bad guy. The voice acting is also very well done with, of course, Nolan North doing Desmond Miles. The music is also well done with composer, Jesper Kyd, who is famous for soundtracks for Borderlands, Freedom Fighters, and Kane and Lynch: Dead Men.

However, it’s time to find the bad parts of this game and explain them here. I felt horrible finding out I didn’t put this down in my earlier version of this review. The game can get very repetitious. At first, I didn’t mind going to each city and killing a certain target. However, looking back at it, it made the game drag on a little more than it should have. I also find it hard to believe that you can escape guards just by sitting down on a bench. That’s something out of a Disney film not some Assassin game. I almost forgot to mention that in Assassin’s Creed, the enemy could be dumb as mud. Unlike Ninja Gaiden 2 where enemies will not wait for you to get back up, the guards in Assassin’s Creed just wait to be killed, one by one. It’s stupid, since it’s not like the guards chose who would die first. I also find it weird that you can climb up most anything, but sometimes you can’t do that. It’s weird since it leaves you sitting there like a frozen Spiderman.

Overall, it still isn’t that bad of a game. Yeah, Assassin’s Creed 2 will blow the first one out of the water, but it’s till a decently fun game. If you want to start at the beginning, I say rent it. This is a great new franchise and I can’t wait for Assassin’s Creed 2. So go join the Assassin’s Creed.
This game gets a 7 out of 10.